The new “cancel culture“

I’ve noticed a trend: A ton of major entertainment events were scheduled at the very beginning of the Delta surge, a time when the predominant narrative was that it was more dangerous than ever to go places and enjoy life. Weeks later, they started cancelling them. Sure, makes sense. They didn’t know. This stuff had been in the works for months, most likely. I’ll certainly … Continue reading The new “cancel culture“

We can do better than this.

Imagine you’re a Jewish resident of Berlin, present day. It’s taken decades, in this hypothetical alternate Germany, for you to gain the right to vote and even use the same water fountains as regular Germans and eat at the same restaurants. Your people have had to fight tooth and nail for each of these rights and many others. Standing in your way? German conservatives who … Continue reading We can do better than this.


What a clusterfuck this whole pandemic response has turned into. From the getgo, we’ve been fed a lot of contradictory info and advice, and that’s because the people in charge don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, either. No one knows anything, really. We weren’t prepared for this. We crashed the country and took away people’s ability to earn a living without giving them … Continue reading PanDUMBic

You both have a point.

I’ve been watching (because it’s in my face and I can’t avoid it) this heated exchange between people who are gung-ho about opening everything back up vs those who want to keep everything locked down for awhile longer. You call these people idiots for wanting to go back to work, but from what position are you judging them? Are your basic needs assured? Are you … Continue reading You both have a point.

More useless COVID-19 thoughts

Nothing motivates and mobilizes people quite like propaganda. Governments know people are tribal and that in order for any semblance of uniformity or unity to be achieved, hearts and minds must be conditioned and won over, and that those people must exert pressure on the reluctant to fall in line and then ostracize them when they fail to do so. America has been almost completely … Continue reading More useless COVID-19 thoughts

Coming to terms with all of this…

First off, let me state that this post is not a plea for sympathy–we’re all in this together, and I’m very thankful to have remained employed, unlike so many others. This is just me documenting my thoughts and feelings during a time of great historical significance. I feel that a cultural paradigm shift on par with 9/11 is upon us. I don’t know what that’s … Continue reading Coming to terms with all of this…