I watched the new Twilight Zone last night

I liked it. I’m not one for posting lengthy academic analyses about things, because I’m incapable of that, but as a lifelong fan of the original and the ’80s reboot, as well as a great admirer of Serling’s, I found it worthy a worthy successor. It “felt like” the Twilight Zone, if that makes any sense. My wife enjoyed it as well, and now we … Continue reading I watched the new Twilight Zone last night

How to start your own cult and successfully maintain it

Cults are an endless source of fascination to myself and many others. I used to find it baffling that seemingly otherwise sane, intelligent people could buy into the flimsily-constructed dogma that the founders of these organizations base their ideologies upon. I don’t wonder anymore. I get it. My confusion about the issue as a child was based primarily upon the assumption that grownups were generally … Continue reading How to start your own cult and successfully maintain it

Were they always evil?

I watch a lot of documentaries, and I take them, as I do everything presented as “fact” with a grain of salt. I thoroughly cross-check things before committing them to belief. Failing that, it goes in the “might be true” until I know for sure. “Facts” standing on my front porch trying to sell themselves door-to-door get the “What do you want” shotgun-in-the-face greeting, from … Continue reading Were they always evil?

Been watching a lot of “Outer Limits” lately

Talk about a show that was ahead of its time… I don’t hear it talked about much anymore, though. And that’s a shame, because it’s a real treasure. One of my favorite episodes is “The Hundred Days of the Dragon.” From what I understand, and I could be wrong, it’s not one of the more popular episodes; I guess my fondness for it only serves … Continue reading Been watching a lot of “Outer Limits” lately

Thoughts on “Black Mirror”

Black Mirror, judging by the handful of episodes I’ve seen, is at times some pretty smart TV. And I do love a good anthology series. The key to a good anthology series, though, at least for me, is variety. I keep seeing Black Mirror” billed as a “modern-day Twilight Zone.” Twilight Zone, however, fluctuates in tone and mood from week to week. You’ve got your … Continue reading Thoughts on “Black Mirror”

So I’m watching the R Kelly thing

I’ve always either been indifferent to or actively disliked ’90s R&B. I can appreciate catchy, well-constructed songs in the genre and understand why they become hits, but it’s not my thing. Even with my limited, peripheral knowledge of R&B, though, I knew all about R Kelly’s sexual proclivities. It was all over the place. And once it was more widely exposed it continued to be … Continue reading So I’m watching the R Kelly thing

Why are you so upset?

I won’t dispute the idea that the local news media here in Oklahoma drums up and exploits panic about potential severe weather incidents for ratings and online traffic. They totally do. It’s what the news does now–and people perpetuate it by giving the media what they want. So far this winter, there have been three major storm threats, the first of which was supposed to … Continue reading Why are you so upset?

The happiness machine

So I’m watching an episode of the “Ray Bradbury Theater” anthology series. It’s entitled “The Happiness Machine” and stars Elliot Gould, which isn’t really important. Anyway, Gould builds what is essentially a virtual reality chamber, and his wife bitches at him the entire time he’s working on it. When he finishes construction on the machine, his wife calls to have it hauled off, but before … Continue reading The happiness machine

Why aren’t the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” movies very good?

Please bear in mind that the opinions presented in this blog are just that. Taste is subjective. Let me be clear: I absolutely love Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is quite possibly my favorite TV show of all time. I love the characters, I love the stories, I love the setting… in short, I want to live there. A reality in which mankind is … Continue reading Why aren’t the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” movies very good?