COVID prediction

Between Fauci repeating what he said at the very beginning of the pandemic, that everyone’s likely to get it eventually, and these news stories batting the following idea(see pics below) around, I predict a narrative shift to “Just get it and get it over with.” People who are currently triple-masked and quadruple vaxxed will add “”Catch the fever” frames to their Facebook profiles and go … Continue reading COVID prediction

Two Years of Gaslighting

What a roller coaster ride all of this pandemic stuff has been, eh? The “guidance” has seen more flip flops than a convention center full of Star Wars nerds. Every time the guidance changes, so does the smug condescension from those with the short term memory capacities of a houseflies. What they mock one day, they’ll embrace the next, and vice versa… and they’ll tell … Continue reading Two Years of Gaslighting

Tower of Babel

Everybody’s being ridiculous. Nobody understands what anyone else is saying, about anything. On one side, you’ve got people for whom being vaccinated has become an integral part of their identity. It’s a religion to these people. When they hear of someone getting vaccinated they treat that person like they just got “saved” at church camp. It’s downright creepy. On the other side, you’ve got people … Continue reading Tower of Babel

Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been compiling an extreme metal Spotify playlist comprised of songs about disease, plagues, mass death, etc. Thrash, death, black, grind, doom—all of these sub-genres are represented. Instead of worrying about all the shit going on now, sometimes I just have to stop giving a fuck and joyfully bang my head to the sickness and brutality of life. Continue reading Soundtrack to the Apocalypse